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Spirulina Training


There were eight refugee women trained on “Spirulina Cultivation Technology and Value additions” in the training held at Trichy regional office. The participants were trained on Spirulina Cultivation methods and techniques and making Spirulina bi-products such as Spirulina capsules, chocolates, paapad, shampoo, soap, facial cream, etc. In this training, the trainer also provided them inputs on poultry rearing. The members who were trained went to the camps and have started Spirulina cultivation in a small scale thus making it their subsidiary livelihood. The trained beneficiaries were provided opportunities to be part of the exhibitions and therefore, got the opportunity to learn marketing skills.

Livelihood training through spirulina
Livelihood training through spirulina
10.2 Training on Poultry Rearing

There was a training organized on Poultry Rearing for SHG members and youth. This training was conducted by a professional from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Research Centre. There were 28 refugees who participated in this training and learnt methods of undertaking assessment to establish a farm, starting process of farm, vaccination, establishing linkages for marketing, etc. However, the trainees were also oriented on the methods to maintain livestock. The Tamil Nadu Veterinary department has been kind enough to provide training on concessional rate as the SHG members fall under the district level federations that are monitored by the Tamil Nadu Women welfare board. Of the trained, 12 SHG members have begun a small poultry farm and generate subsidiary income of upto Rs.2000/-.