Black CTC


For those who prefer it stronger and darker, CTC is just the tea to go for. Processed using the Crush, Tear and Curl (CTC) method, the tea is perhaps the most commonly cherished tea in India, Middle East and South America. It has a strong flavour and tends to brew fast and yield more number of cups per kilogram. This tea is also used to make teabags. Go on, engulf yourself in the aroma of the brew, as you steep the leaves in hot water and add a spritz of lemon or lighten the dark liquor with a spot of cream or frothy milk.

Serving Suggestions: Have it plain or with milk, during any time of the day

Some of our popular products under the CTC tea category include the following:

  • All
  • Assam
  • Anamallai Hills
  • Nilgiris–Wayanad